Common continues to use his voice as a weapon for awareness in “Trouble In The Water.”

Common‘s hometown of Chicago is almost 300 miles away from Flint, Mich., but that’s not stopping him from lending his voice to the town’s highly publicized water crisis.

In a new video for a song called “Trouble In The Water,” Common can be seen dressed in all black rapping in a warehouse, surrounded by water that is ready to be shipped to those in need. In the song Common delivers lyrics drawing attention to mistreatment of the environment, and even his own feeling of helplessness in the matter:

“Water dirty like the police that flood the streets”

“We think our opponent is overseas, But we messing with Mother Nature’s ovaries.”

“I know I’m supposed to help, that’s what I’m made for/I’m a made man, but I ain’t a maid though.”

Common is backed by members of the Hip Hop Caucus, a non-profit organization created by Rev.Lennox Yearwood Jr., the man who helped Diddy start the 2004 “Vote Or Die” campaign. HHC artists Kumasi, Choklate, Aaron Fresh and Laci Kay also appear on the track.

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