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All profits from the record are being donated to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma relief efforts in frontline communities.

HereComesTheSUN Peoples Climate Music


About the project

“Here Comes the Sun” was written by George Harrison and first released on the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. Jeremih and Antonique Smith’s interpretation of “Here Comes the Sun” is a message of hope and affirmation of our humanity and goodness when it comes to coming together to help each other in disaster and crises, regardless of our differences or divisions.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, while devastating, have also shown us hope and unity through people’s acts of kindness, bravery, and sacrifice – large and small.

There is a double meaning to “Here Comes the Sun” for this project. As these climate disasters increase in strength and frequency because of global warming, the answer to solving climate change is to transition to clean energy, including solar energy from the sun, and that is one meaning of “Here Comes the Sun”.

But, a healthy planet and communities, requires even more than the technical transition to clean energy. There must also be justice, equality, and unity so that everyone has access to healthy and safe communities, so the meaning is deeper…

When Jeremih and Antonique sing the lyric “Here Comes the Sun, And It’s All Right”, the sun is a metaphor for the people, the sun is us – humanity, because we the people are the hope in the face of disaster. While politicians play games, big oil and coal put profit over people, and government falls down on the job in protecting and rebuilding from disaster, hope still exists, because people and communities can and are coming together to find, create, and demand solutions. The people are, and always have been, the greatest source of hope and energy for moving forward and making the world better than it is.

Our call to action with this project is to band together for the immediate and long-term work of recovery from these current disasters, and prepare vulnerable communities for climate adaptation as, unfortunately, more disaster is coming. Further, we must demand that our world leaders move to transition us to a just clean energy future.


Project Credits

Artists: Antonique Smith, Jeremih

Written by: George Harrison

Published by: Penny Farthing Music OBO Harrisongs Ltd.

Produced by: Jeff Friedland, Chris Hanebutt, Darryl Farmer, Jordan Eversley

Recorded By: KT 

Mixed By: Jeff Arenson & Trehy Harris

Mastered by: Michael Kolar

Arranged by: Antonique Smith & Sam Fischmann

Musicians: Chris Hanebutt, Jeff Friedland

A special thanks to all who donated their time and efforts to this project.